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New Indie Soul: Cole Davis - "Ferris Wheel"
Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, Cole Davis is
the triple threat; vocalist, composer, and musician
Ferris Wheel” is the title of her recently released CD,
a musical blend of R&B/Soul, Jazz, and Folk, Read our
review and listen to a song from "Ferris Wheel"  
"El Camino": New Soul From Across The Pond
In search of new music that strays away from the boring production
elements of the new millennium? If so, lets us submit the new CD, “El
Camino” by Adriana Evans for your musical consideration. This is the
third album from Ms Evans, and probably her best to date. Check out
RHYTHMflow's Craig Chapman review 0f this UK Soul release
"My Inspiration": Everette Harp
“My Inspiration” is the latest release from jazz
saxophonist Everette Harp. This veteran musician
delivers an energetic, funky project with personality,
which is not typical of your average smooth jazz C.D
We have a review of this new CD.            
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2008 Festival Listings
It's a new year, and it's time to start planning for those vacations and
extended weekend retreats. RHYTHMflow has started our list of
festivals you might consider attending in 2008. You might consider
joining us for our trips to Montreal and Bermuda ....
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"": Bob Baldwin
On March 4th, Jazz keyboardist, & radio personality
Bob Baldwin will release his new CD, “NewUrbanJazz.
com”, his vision for Contemporary Jazz. After the first
listen to this album, you have a firm understanding of
what he envisions for the future. We have a
New Music from Soul Legend Al Green
What happens when you put Soul Music Legend Al
Green in the same studio as Hip-Hop trailblazers The
Roots??? The result is “Lay It Down”, a truly magical
new album by Mr. Green. RHYTHMflow has a review of
this CD, plus a special video presentation     
"Lost and Found": Ledisi
Ledisi’s third release and Verve Forecast debut, Lost
and Found, is a lush, delectable 16-track musical
affair that is not to be missed.  Make no mistake -
this is not your standard issue, garden-variety R&B..
Ms T. Paige shares her thoughts with us....   
"After Tonight": New Music from Will Downing
Will Downing has just released his brand new CD,
“After Tonight”, his 13th album. This recording is very
special because it was recorded under very
challenging circumstances
.. We have a review of CD
and samples of 3 songs from the project...
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"Expressions": Smooth Soul from Ty Causey
“Expressions” is the title of the new CD from indie soul
singer Ty Causey. This is the third release from this
talented Indiana based soul crooner, and it should
propel his career to the next level
. Definitely a must
listen for the music lover in you....            
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"Love 360": April Hill
If you’re searching for the ultimate jazzy soul blend
to kick off 2008, we have exactly the project for you.
The CD is entitled “Love 360”, by up & coming
songstress Ms. April Hill
. RHYTHMflow's Craig
Chapman has a review of this classy new CD...  
Preview Upcoming CD from Hil St. Soul
On June 10th, 2008, Shanachie Music will release the
UK based Hil St. Soul's new CD "Black Rose".  We iare
happy to present to you 3 tracks from "Black Rose"
for your listening pleasure. Just a small sample of
what to expect from this Soul collection.