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"": Bob Baldwin
By Craig Chapman
On March 4th, Jazz keyboardist, radio
personality/consultant Bob Baldwin will
release his new CD, “”, his
vision for Contemporary Jazz. After the first
listen to this album, you have a firm
understanding of what he envisions for the
future. Simply, combine all the elements of
jazz and urban music for a refreshing,
lively sound to keep the listener engaged.  

Bob enlists the support of many talented artists to create the
“” sound. There are plenty of vocals on this
project, which helps to keep it flowin’. “Jeep Jazz” featuring Zoiea is a
funky jam in the lead-off position. Fellow newcomer Tyrone Iris jumps
into the vocal mix on “Seems Like One Of Those Daze”. Veteran
Soul/R&B singers stop into revisit songs from their songbooks. Phil
Perry remixes “Too Late”, Freddie Jackson delivers the silky smooth
“Natural Thing”, and dance diva Jocelyn Brown jazzifies her classic
“Somebody Else’s Guy”. For the Hip-Hop heads out there, you’ll be
into “Don’t Keep Me Waiting”, with ASoulBorn, and New Urban Jazz
with Della Croche on the mic.

Of course there is a bunch of jazzy instrumentals for your listening
pleasure. Najee make an appearance on “My Cherie Amour”, “Take
My Hand” features Regan Whiteside on flute, saxman Marion
Meadows joins Bob on “She’s All That, and indie soul star Frank
McComb does his thang on “Flying High”. There’s also a deserving
music tribute, “Joe Zawinul”, named for the late Weather Report

Overall,” by Bob Baldwin is a complete work,
touching all the bases. Hopefully, the genre will embrace this style
which will re-energize the contemporary jazz marketplace.  
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