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“Keepin’ It Cool” is the debut Narada Jazz CD
from smooth jazz guitarist Nick Colionne. This
collection of instrumental tracks showcases
Nick’s skillz on the guitar. The album is smooth
jazz at it’s best. Breezy and non-intrusive, you
can enjoy your music while multi tasking. The
ideal soundtrack for a summer day.   
"Shine": Boney James
Veteran jazz saxophonist Boney James has
released his 10th album, “Shine”, to the
delight of this music fan. Boney has always
had a distinct sound in the crowded smooth
jazz arena. It must be his energy or the way
that he blows da horn.....                       
“I'm Real”: Ray Parker Jr
Ray Parker Jr. was one of the most consistent
hitmakers of the Eighties, scoring hits with his
band Raydio and as a solo artist. “I’m Free”
finds Parker in a mellow mood. Having moved
his base of operations south of the border It's
Parker’s chill-out album.                      
"Classic Love Songs": Phil Perry Returns
We’ve been wondering when Phil Perry was
going to put out a new album. His last CD,
“Magic”, was released back in 2001. The
former member of The Montclairs is a silky
smooth old school crooner we're sure you'll
enjoy. Discover new music today!
"Bees+Things+Flowers": Incognito
Everybody’s favorite UK Soul band Incognito
has released their 12th CD entitled“Bees +
Things + Flowers”.  If you're a fan of the
group, this project  represents a slight
change in musical philosophy. Find out more
about this change of pace project    
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"My Paradise": Earl Carter
Earl Carter’s new release “My Paradise” is a
pure aural pleasure and a contemporary jazz
masterpiece, states ArthausNYC's Ayejay.
Read his review, and  listen to 3 tracks from
the CD. Discover new smooth jazz here @
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Those of you who were with it in the early
Nineties may remember saxophonist Everette
Harp as the brotha with the high top fade and
the long ponytail who sat in with Arsenio Hall’s
band damn near every other week. No
denying Arsenio was one of the first to give
Harp some shine, but since his debut in ‘91,
the sax man has put it down..........     
"Feeling Good"
Randy Crawford & Joe Sample
Feeling Good”, is the title of the new CD from
Ms. Randy Crawford and the legendary Joe
Sample. It’s a splendid collection of jazz
accented songs that provide an exceptional
listening experience. We have a review of this
recently released CD   
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