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"bees+Things+Flowers": Incognito
by Craig Chapman
Everybody’s favorite UK Soul band Incognito
has released their 12th CD entitled
“Bees+Things+Flowers”. If you’re a fan of
Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick and the crew,
you’ve grown accustomed to their hot jazzy
dance leaning grooves accented with
powerful vocals by Imaani, Carleen
Anderson, Kellie Sae, and Maysa.
Incognito, as a band, can party with the best of them. If you’ve ever
seem them perform live you’d second that motion. It’s ironic though
that many of their signature songs are of the mid-tempo / slow
variety. If you like the laid back side of Incognito, this is the CD you’ve
been waiting for….

“Bees+Thing+Flowers”, for lack of a better term, is the group’s
version of an unplugged project. Highlighted by striped down, almost
acoustic production, the songs and the vocal performances are front
and center.

The album begins with a smart rendition of Roy Ayers’ “Everybody
Loves The Sunshine”, whose lyrics produce the CD’s title. We’re in for
a treat as Maysa steps to the microphone to deliver mind-melting
vocals on updated versions of “Deep Waters” & “Still A Friend Of
Mine”. Brace yourself for dancefloor diva Jocelyn Brown, as she
unleashes an interpretation of Ronnie Law’s classic “Always There”
that’s so intense I almost had sensory overload. Be sure to check out
the new arrangement for “Everyday”, the sleeper track on the album.

There also are three new songs, “Crave”, “Raise”, and “You Are
Golden”, for your listening enjoyment.

“Bees+Thing+Flowers”, new music, breaking new ground, for the new

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