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"shine": boney james
By Craig chapman
Veteran jazz saxophonist Boney James has
released his 10th album, “Shine”, his first for
Concord Records, to the delight of this music
fan. Boney has always had a distinct sound in
the crowded smooth jazz arena. It must be
his energy or the way that he blows da horn.

Boney’s new CD kicks off with “Shine”, the
funky up-tempo title jam (and first single) featuring the vocals of
Esthero. The groove continues as R&B songstress Faith Evans
provides the vocal support on the future hit “Gonna Get It”. In fact,
Boney enlists the help of many of his friends on this project. Dwele
appears on a cool rendition of The Dramatics “In The Rain” and the
legendary Phillip Bailey brings his vocal style to the melodic “Love

“Shine” is ultimately about the music, and Boney lets loose on “The
Total Experience” which features George Duke on keyboards, “Let It
Go”, the laid back grooves of “Breathe”, ”Dedication”, and the
appropriately titled “Hypnotic” which features a signature solo from
one of the masters, Mr. George Benson. There’s also a very nice
version of  Jobim’s “Aquas De Marco (Waters Of March)” included.

Produced by Boney James, “Shine” is an excellent CD that will have
fans of good music hitting the repeat button on the player again and
again. Be sure to add it to your library today.

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