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"classic love songs": phil perry
by Craig Chapman
I’ve been wondering when Phil Perry was
going to put out a new album. His last CD,
“Magic”, was released back in 2001 and
probably only his hard-core fans were aware
of it. The former member of The Montcairs is a
silky smooth old school crooner. I’ve had the
opportunity to watch him work his
showmanship on stage, which converted me
to a loyal fan. So enjoyable in person, you can’t wait to buy all his

“Classic Love Songs” is the title of Phil’s new CD for Shanachie
Entertainment. Mr. Perry provides us with a collection of his favorite
soul songs, from artists and composers that had a profound influence
on his musical career. Most of the songs are from the late 60s – early
80s era, and have received an unique, yet faithful updated production
that showcases the jazzy style that only Phil can bring to the

You’ll hear Phil’s renditions of some the greatest songs in Soul music
history. Marvin Gaye’s “I Want You”, The Temp’s “Just My
Imagination”, The Stylistics’ “You Make Me Feel Brand”, and The Chi-
Lites’ “Have You Seen Her” have been Perry-ized to perfection. His
version of “Hey There Lonely Girl” is so fresh, yet so close to Eddie
Holman’s performance it’s delightfully scary.

Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello”, The Spinners’ “I’ll Be Around”, and DeBarge’s
“All This Love” are three of the more interesting songs on the project
as each of them have received a jazzy alteration. When someone
coined the phrase “chill-out music”, this is what must’ve been

“Classic Love Songs” is just Phil Perry, an old school veteran, giving a
new vibe to our old school jams,.. Keeping the legacy alive.

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