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"Feeling Good"
Randy Crawford & Joe Sample
Back in the day, Randy Crawford and the
Crusaders, led by pianist Joe Sample, brought
us the radio anthem “Street Life’, one of the
first jazz fusion tracks to dominate the Pop
music scene. It’s wonder that we were not
treated to this special musical combination
again until recently.
Feeling Good”, is the title of the new CD from Ms. Randy Crawford
and the legendary Joe Sample. It’s a splendid collection of jazz
accented songs that provide an exceptional listening experience.

Randy Crawford’s vocal prowess shines on this project. Actually, Ms
Crawford has quietly put together a career that music fans
everywhere should be aware of. Her voice has a unique rich tone,
which complements her uncanny ability to embrace the lyrics of any
song, and make it her own.  Joe Sample’s accompaniment on
keyboards and production influence almost allows us to envision the
sound of The Crusaders as if they had a dominating lead vocalist. A
match similar to the Joe Sample/Lalah Hathaway project a few years

“Feeling Good”, the title track, starts the CD off with a positive
message and a swinging rhythm that sets the tone for the album.
“End Of The Line” is a smooth song that will have you imagining
spinning across the dance floor check-to-cheek with that special

Randy takes this opportunity to elegantly revisit two of her most
popular songs, “Rio De Janiero Blue”, and “Last Night At Danceland”.
She also does interesting arrangements of Peter Gabriel’s
“Lovetown”, and “When I Need You”, a pop classic made popular by
Leo Sayer.  When you’re feeling romantic and/or trying to set a
special mood, “Save Your Love For Me”, “But Beautiful”, and “All Night
Love” will transport you to the torch song era.

Randy Crawford and Joe Sample will have you “Feeling Good” about
music again in 2007!

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