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"Distractions / Nothing Serious":
Roy Hargrove
When Roy Hargrove blew onto the jazz scene a
few years back he was immediately crowned one
of the “young turks” of the faltering genre. As
one of the young players anointed by many to
bring straight ahead jazz back to the forefront,
comparisons to Miles Davis quickly surfaced
because of his musical edge and trumpet play.
Those were large shoes to be filled, but Roy didn’t wilt under the

At 36, Roy has lived up to expectations, as he has become one of the
leading musicians on the jazz circuit. The comparisons to Miles weren’
t too far off base either. There will never be another like Miles, but
Hargrove’s willingness to push the boundaries of the jazz envelope
shows that he’s a visionary like the legend, Mr. Davis.

Verve Music realizing the kind of talent they have on their label, lets
Roy do his thang. With that type of forward thinking they have
released not one but two new CDs from Roy Hargrove. “Distractions”
is the title of The RH Factor’s new project. It’s about as funky as jazz
can get, fusing hip-hop and contemporary beats.
At moments you feel like you’re at a Funkadelic
concert.  “A Place”, “On The One”, and “Family”
feature the vocals of Renee Neufville (formerly of
Zhane), who also co-wrote the songs and has
been touring with the group for the past two
years. . You’ll also find “Crazy Race”, and
“Kansas City Funk” tracks to groove to.
For the traditionalists out there, “Nothing Serious” is the CD for you.
Featuring Slide Hampton on trombone, this is journey into the deep
stuff many of us are unwilling to give a listen. The title track, “Devil
Eyes” and “A Day In Vienna” get the set off to a swingin’ start,
guaranteed to draw you into the rest of the project. Although Roy’s
group is a quintet, through the musical arrangements they deliver a
big band sound. “Invitation” keeps the blood pulsating, while “Trust”
is the lone ballad on the CD.

It takes talent to put out one good CD, but two at the same time
from two different perspectives is taking craftsmanship to the next
level. “Distractions” and “Nothing Serious”, new music from the alter
egos of Roy Hargrove.  

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