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Eleven": Incognito
by Craig Chapman
His name is Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick, and
he is the creative genius behind the world-
renowned ensemble Incognito.  Their music
is primarily jazz influenced, infused with
dance, R&B, and Pop rhythms that have
been on the cutting edge of the “acid-jazz”
scene since 1980. Actually, trying to
categorize Bluey’s musical vision does
Incoginto’s sound an injustice
Just file it under good music. Open your mind and hit the play button.

The journey continues with the recently released album “11”,
distributed in the states by the Narada Jazz label. True to the form of
the previous 10 projects, this CD has it’s own identity. “11” is a bit
more uptempo and funkier than some previous efforts, but still quite
enjoyable. There’s plenty of horns and a parade of talented vocalists
that guide us through the musical tour.

First of all, let’s make no mistake that Incognito can lay down some
electrifying funky jazz jams. You can hear the influence of groups like
Average White Band, Tower Of Power, or Earth, Wind & Fire on the
horn-laden instrumental tracks “Let The Mystery Be”, and “Jacandra”.

The high-energy groove is ever present on the classic house / dance
tracks sprinkled throughout the CD. You’ll be captivated by the groovy
beats of  “We Got Music” featuring Imaani & Tony Momrelle on vocals,
“Show Me Love” featuring the powerful voice of Carleen Anderson,
and “Come Away With Me” with Incognito fan’s favorite vocalist
Maysa Leeks.

At the end of the day, most Incognito albums are judged by their
smooth jazzy mid-tempo vocal cuts. Maysa does her “thang’, as usual
on “When Tomorrow Brings you Down” and “Will I Ever Learn”. You’ll
enjoy the pop-ish “I’ll Get By” (Tony Momrelle), and the touching
ballad “As Long As It’s You” featuring Ms. Imaani. We highly
recommend the radio friendly duet “It’s Just One Of Those Days”,
featuring Tony & Maysa.

“11” by Incognito… No hype, Just good music!

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