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"Keepin' It Cool": Nick Colionne
by Craig Chapman
“Keepin’ It Cool” is the debut Narada Jazz CD
from smooth jazz guitarist Nick Colionne. This
collection of instrumental tracks showcases
Nick’s skillz on the guitar. The album is smooth
jazz at it’s best. Breezy and non-intrusive, you
can enjoy your music while multi tasking. The
ideal soundtrack for a summer day.
Nick’s music is smooth, yet funky. You feel his passion, as all his
performances have an unbridled energy that connects you with the
music. “Can You Feel It”, “Keepin’ It Cool”, and “Always Thinking Of
You” lead off the CD with some hard driving grooves. “High
Flying” is a track from his previous CD, proving the funk is in Nick’s

When it’s time to relax, romance, or exhale, “John L”, “From Me To
You”,  “You Were  There For Me”, and remake of Brook Benton’s
“Rainy Night In Georgia” are your best choices.

“Keepin’ It Cool” by Nick Colionne.. When life heats up, play some
cool music to make your day!

Visit Nick's website at: