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"Expressions": Ty Causey
By Craig Chapman
“Expressions” is the title of the latest CD from
indie soul singer Ty Causey. This is the third
release from this talented Indiana based soul
crooner, and it should propel his career to the
next level.

Ty’s first two albums, “N-Tysing” & “Love
Notes”, have received generous airplay on RHYTHMflow Radio and
other stations over the last couple of years. The reception from
listeners and music aficionados has been very positive. In fact, it’s
amazing how word of mouth has thrust Ty and his music onto the
musical landscape in many tastemaker indie-soul cities around the
country and overseas.

As in his previous efforts, “Expressions” is all about the romance. Ty’s
silky smooth voice flawlessly delivers the message of love. Once
again there’s cool grooves like “Without You”, “No Need To Rush”,
and “Pick Up The Pieces”, perfect accompaniment on a moonlight
drive or table setter for a cozy dinner encounter. “Dark Cloud” is a
standout tune that features an outstanding solo from guitarist U-
Nam, sparking thoughts of the legendary George Benson. Ty is also
quite comfortable crooning slow jams, as you will experience on “So
Addicted”, “Back To Loving You”, and the tantalizing “Wishing You
Were Mine”,

Another must for your music library. “Expressions”, steamy heartfelt
soul from Ty Causey...
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