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"After Tonight" -  Will Downing
By Craig Chapman
Will Downing has just released his brand new CD, “After Tonight”, his
13th album, and his first for Peak Records. This recording is very
special because it was recorded under very challenging circumstances.

In case you haven’t heard, Will is battling a very rare disease, which
has altered his life and career. Mr. Downing has Polymyositis, a
severely debilitating chronic muscle disease, which inflames the
muscle fibers. It attacks at random and the cause is unknown.
Recording this project has been a personal mission to fight adversity.
In the liner notes, Will explains, (Polymyositis) “basically took away
my ability to function on my own, including the use of my limbs or
even walking. The majority of my vocals were cut from my wheelchair
at home.”

“After Tonight” is probably one of the best R&B/Jazz CDs I’ve heard
this year. It’s a continuation of Will’s classic soothing soulful sound.
The album begins with “Will’s Groove”, which has a thumping bass
line that accentuates his deep voice. “Fantasy (Spending Time With
You) is up next, with a subtle groove that will have you swaying, and
feelin’ quite sexy. Roy Ayers joins Will on “Lover’s Melody”, that is
reminiscence of one those smooth old-school hustle jams, where you
would twirl, spin and dip the night away.

“After Tonight “, is the first single from the project, a nice melodic
slow song. Will does a faithful rendition of Phyllis Hyman’s “No One
Can Love You More”, than takes romancin’ to the next level on the
sensual “All I Need Is You”.

“God Is Amazing” is an inspirational song that is Will’s emotional
testimony of where he draws his strength during this difficult period
in his life

“After Tonight”, the new CD from Will Downing. An excellent collection
of music, that truly comes from the soul

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