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"Love 360": April Hill
By Craig Chapman
If you’re searching for the ultimate jazzy soul
blend to kick off 2008, we have exactly the
project for you. The CD is entitled “Love 360”,
by up & coming songstress Ms. April Hill.
Produced by the multi-talented indie soul
artist Marlon Saunders, this album is the
perfect showcase of April’s talent.
“Love 360” is a 10 song collection that explores the range of the
urban music genre. It’s R&B, Soulful, and Jazzy, with Pop sensitivities.
“The Search”, leads off the album with its up-tempo classy club
groove. The perfect mood-setter, especially since the listener benefits
from the excellent song sequencing of the CD. Up next is the melodic
“Feelin’ You”, where you begin to hear the jazzy leanings of the
project. “You Got Me”, is a funkier jam with plenty of gritty horns and
April’s poetic prose in the bridge. “I Wanna Be Free”, has a funky
backbeat, combined with a catchy hook that will have you boppin’ and
singing along by song’s end.

April brings us her interpretation of Marvin Gaye’s classic “I Want
You”. Staying faithful to the song, she steps back into her Jazzy diva
mode, and delivers a sizzling rendition. She segues to “Hope He’ll Be
Happier”, written by Bill Withers, a down tempo jazz offering
reminiscent of Randy Crawford. “Manipulation” and “Today”
showcases April’s poetry over smooth jazzy rhythms.

“Love 360” is a diverse CD that uses jazz as its foundation. April Hill
is definitely a talent to keep our eyes and ears on. Please consider
adding her music to your library.
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