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"My Inspiration": everette Harp
By Craig Chapman
“My Inspiration” is the latest release from jazz
saxophonist Everette Harp. This veteran
musician delivers an energetic, funky project
with personality, which is not typical of your
average smooth jazz CD. It definitely helps
the project’s direction that Everette co-wrote
8 of the 10 songs on the album.
The album kicks off with the down home funky “Juke Joint”, which
features James Lloyd of Pieces of A Dream on keyboards, who also
wrote the tune. “Funky Palisades”, is another spirited song, that
features Jeff Lorber on keys, while George Duke sits in on the cruisin’
rhythms of. “Chasin’”.

If mid-tempo grooves are more to your liking, you’ll surely enjoy “Wait
4 U”, “Don’t Look Any Further’, an instrumental take of Dennis
Edwards’ Soul anthem, and “Old School”, which subtly recreates the
rhythm tracks of the 70s classic soul era. When it’s time to chill-out,
relax, and perhaps reflect a bit, “In My Father’s Eyes”, and “My
Inspiration” are perfect to set the right atmosphere.

“My Inspiration”, by Everette Harp… A little Jazz to help you make it
through the various moods of the day..
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