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"el Camino": Adriana Evans
By Craig Chapman
In search of new music that strays away from
the boring production elements of the new
millennium? If so, lets us submit the new CD,
“El Camino” by Adriana Evans for your musical
consideration. This is the third album from Ms
Evans, and probably her best to date.
Released by the UK R&B/Soul label, Expansions Records, “El Camino”
is the perfect listening experience for R&B/Soul fans that enjoy a touch
of jazz and Latin rhythms woven into the musical fabric. Her mother, a
jazz singer, and Cuban father planted Adriana’s musical roots.
Combining her parent’s influences with extensive travel, Ms. Evans
has developed a unique sound that should be considered “soul of the

“El Camino”, which translated means “the path”, is a leisurely stroll
that is melodic, reflective, romantic, relaxing, yet invigorating. Most
importantly, it’s an enjoyable rhythmic journey. Predominately mid-
tempo in nature with an underlying danceable groove, the CD starts
off in good fashion with “Hey Now”, “All For Love”, and “Calling Me”
which sets the tone for the project.

Adriana provides a diverse performance throughout the album. On
“Never Knew”, and “Undercover”, there’s a funky downbeat that
blends exquisitely with Ms Evans dreamy vocals. The Latin Jazz culture
shines brightly on “Blue Bird in Bahia”, and there’s a taste of blues
infusion on “Same As I Ever Was”.

If musical freedom is your quest, follow Adriana Evans’ “El Camino” to
your ultimate destination.
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