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"Lost & Found": Ledisi
By T. Paige
Ledisi’s third release and Verve Forecast
debut, Lost and Found, is a lush, delectable
16-track musical affair that is not to be
missed.  Make no mistake - this is not your
standard issue, garden-variety R&B.  This is
honest, modern day soul music for those who
have experienced the trials and victories of
life. The project is an unabashed, poised celebration of longing,
loving, leaving and ultimately, living.

The pairing of Ledisi’s rich vocals (and adept songwriting) with a crisp,
polished production effort has rendered a highly cohesive project that
pays homage to a bygone era in R&B.  Ledisi “regulars”, however,
know that she can masterfully sing any genre of music and should not
be surprised that the tracks presented here boast a wide range of
musical influences. Standouts include:

·        “Think of You” – A pulsing, hip-hop infused track with a driving
bassline. Roll the windows all the way down, turn the volume all the
way up.
·        “Best Friend” – A breezy, lilting groove reflecting on the
emotional conundrum of an unrequited love.
·        “Upside Down” – A funky social commentary originally penned
for Chaka Khan. Write a letter to your senator, “walk it out” on your
way to the mailbox.
·        “Lost and Found” (title track) – An ethereal, haunting ballad
featuring Ledisi backed by keys and violin.  Secure Kleenex, dab eyes
·        “In the Morning” – An über sexy, Barry White-inspired ballad
expressing a deep yearning for a lover whose interests, time and
energy are otherwise placed.  Call your baby. Make it happen.

One of the best things about Lost and Found is that there are no
fillers here. The tracks segue smoothly from time zero until the final
note. Do yourself a favor and add this to your collection! And most
importantly, if you’ve not yet experienced Ledisi live, I strongly
encourage you to do so!  Her live performance is white-hot, fiery and
transcendent. You will not be disappointed.
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About T. Paige: Ms. Paige is a long-time supporter and ardent fan of
the independent soul music scene. She maintains and operates an
exclusive site for music aficionados,, which lists
upcoming concerts in the New York metropolitan area.