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"Strength": The RH Factor
by Craig Chapman
Veteran trumpeter Roy Hargrove crosses
over to the funky side once again with
the latest gathering of The RH Factor. The
result is a new EP entitled “Strength”,
currently operating under the radar at
your local Music site/store.

Roy Hargrove’s RH Factor allows for him
to stray away from his traditional straight
ahead roots, and let the creative juices
flow as he fuses jazz with as many musical elements as possible.
“Strength” consists up six very funky tracks, each sending you in a
different direction.

“Rich Man’s Welfare”, written by another funky player Karl Denson,
moves at a sizzling pace, with a backbeat that reminds me of the
legendary Fela Anikulapo-Kuti & Africa 70.  Eddie Harris’ classic track
“Listen Here” receives a faithful reworking by the group. The title cut
“Strength” brings the tempo down a bit, sounding like a Donald Byrd
70’s jam, featuring Rene Neufville on vocals.

The last two tracks on the CD, “For Fun” and “Universe” are
exceptional.  Written by Roy and his friends, these songs capture the
spirit of the jazz-fusion dance classics of late 70’s/early 80’s, with
solid mixing by A SoulFeast Productions. Don’t be surprised if your
partying hard to one these tunes late one night at the club.

It’s a funky party. “Strength”, the new CD by Roy Hargrove’s RH