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"Flipside": Jeff Lorber
by Craig Chapman
Veteran keyboard player Jeff Lorber has
released his new CD entitled “Flipside” on the
Narada jazz label. One of the early pioneers of
the contemporary aka smooth jazz genre, Jeff
presents an excellent effort that might be one
of his best projects to date.

“Flipside” demonstrates what smooth jazz
should be all about. It’s mellow, yet funky,
with subtle changes in rhythms and tempo. Jeff’s twinkling of the keys
is priceless. It’s soothing and refreshing as he revisits old jazz that’s
energized with today’s production styles.  If you’re a Joe Sample or
Bob James fan, this is a must have for your CD collection.  

“Santa Monica Triangle”, Enchanted Way”, and title track “Flipside”
standout for their breezy, funky attitude. The funky groove continues
with the overseas inspired, “Angel In Paris”, and “Bombay Café”.  For
a laid back but melodic sound, give “By My Side”, “Ooh La La”, and ”
Everybody Knows That” a listen.

Tired of boring jazz CDs?  Give the “Flipside” a try, the new CD from
Jeff Lorber.  

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