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Urban Knights: "VI"
by Craig Chapman
If you are looking for a jazz CD that
provides a diversity of sounds, then we
ask you to consider the latest album from
Urban Knights, simply entitled “VI”. It’s a
collection of songs that are more inn-
ovative than the standard jazz
background music of today.

If you desire funk, Urban Knights gives it
to ya. It begins with the faithful rendition
of Stanley Clarke’s fusion classic “School Days”, backed up with
“Come Back Jack”. “Footprints” is the cut for those of you that like
your jazz with straight ahead-tendencies.  If you’re looking for some
tunes with a latin tinge, be sure to check out “Brazilica” and
“Memorias Belas”

The vocal driven “My Love Is True”, and the cover version of Usher &
Alicia’s “My Boo” will find their way to radio stations around the
country, while “Fall Forward” is the uptempo jam that is funky with an
R&B sensitivity that is fun to listen to.

With talent and a willingness to stay true to their musical roots, it’s
easy to understand why this group has survived the battle known as
the music business.  It’s “VI” and counting for Urban Knights.

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