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"American/English" By Acoustic Alchemy
by Craig Chapman
Acoustic Alchemy is another veteran group
of musicians that has been able to stand
the test of time. Celebrating nearly twenty
years in the business, the group lead by the
dual guitar riffs of Greg Carmichael and
Miles Gilderdale, has recorded a new CD
entitled “American/English” for Higher
Octave Music.
This album presents a variety of sounds and rhythms, which make for
an enjoyable listening experience. “The Crossing” is in the lead-off
position, delivering a breezy, mid-tempo smooth jazz jam, with a real
springtime feeling. “Lilac Lane” expands the groove by adding a
haunting rhythmic track that deserves to be embedded in the middle
of a tense suspense movie scene.

The group delivers a funkier beat on the radio oriented “Say Yeah”,
then they mix in some old-fashioned R&B flavor on “The Detroit
Shuffle”, with excellent results. Not afraid to experiment, Acoustic
Alchemy unleashes the dance floor rhythms of  “So Kylie”, which will
keep you steppin’ late into the night. “Trinity” blends in some
carriebaean beats, and for those looking for a more traditional jazz
sound, “The 14 Carrot Café” is a jewel.

“American/English” by Acoustic Alchemy is diverse project, which will
make a great addition to your music library.

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