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"Just Feels Right" - Euge Groove
by Craig Chapman
“Just Feels Right” is the appropriate title
for the new CD from smooth jazz saxman
Euge Groove. His second album on the
Narada Jazz label showcases his
enormous musical talents. With this
project, Euge should begin to separate
himself from the logjam of saxophonists
in the contemporary jazz genre.

True to his name, Euge brings a Groove
to his work. The CD is a mixture of funky uptempo and midtempo
instrumentals that will help you cruise through your day. The set kicks
off with the down-n-funky “Get ‘Em Goin”, which gives way to
“Chillaxin”, a new term and a cool song that will have you doing that
incognito chair dance behind your desk. “Straight Up’ keeps the rush
going with it’s smooth pulsating rhythms.

Recently, I was driving while listening to this CD, and I was sweep
away to a strange place during “This Must Be Real” and the title track
“Just Feels Right”. I visualized a clear moon-lite night where my
partner and I were gracefully strutting and swirling across the dance
floor like back in the day. Pretty strong imagery for someone who
nickname is “2 left feet”.

When the dancing is over, it’s time for the mellow romantic grooves
of  “12:08”, “Ballerina Girl”, and Euge’s remake of the Temptations’
classic, “Just My Imagination”.

It “Just Feels Right”, new music from Euge Groove; It’ll make your day!

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