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"Def jazz": grp all-stars
by Craig Chapman
GRP Records has jumped into the popular
hip-hop/R&B jazz genre, pioneered by the
Hidden Beach All-Stars, with their new
release entitled “Def Jazz”. Pulling from their
large and diverse artist roster, they have
come up with some very interesting
combinations that lead to an exciting CD
filled with pulsating rhythms.
“Def Jazz’ is 10 songs deep, mixed together to give that feel of club dj
set. Mary J Blige’s “All I Need” is in the lead-off spot featuring Roy
Hargrove on trumpet, and the Hammond B-3 organ of Joey
DeFrancesco, which is a nice touch. Saxophonist Gerald Albright joins
Kevin Toney for there vibe infused version of “Hey Young Love”, made
popular by Slick Rick.

The legendary Def Jam artist LL Cool J is saluted by guitarist Dwight
Sill and vocalist Audra Bryant with a hot version of “Doin’ It”, along
with a relaxing rendition of “Back Seat”, featuring Dwight Sills and Jeff
Lorber. Method Man never sounded smoother, as Hubert Laws brings
the flute to hip-hop on “Bring The Pain”, while up & coming soul
singer Ledisi and Oran “Juice” Jones collaborate on old school classic
“The Rain”.

When it comes to Hip-Hop/R&B, Def Jam Records sets the standard.
For the leader in smooth jazz, you turn to GRP. When you put them
together the result is “Def Jazz”. Smooth jazz that will have you hip-
hopping all day long!

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