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"Turning Point": DaysAhead
by Michael Heyliger
It seems like the band concept has almost
completely left R&B altogether. While it was
nothing for R&B to boast a bunch of
self-contained musical acts throughout the
Seventies and Eighties, the concept had all
but dried up a decade later, left to
long-running warhorses like Earth, Wind & Fire
and a couple of new-jacks like Tony! Toni!
and Mint Condition.

Atlanta’s own Daysahead is the latest to make their mark on the
scene, with an album, “Turning Point”, that’s soulful yet also
reminiscent of many other musical genres. Like many of the
aforementioned acts, Daysahead boasts a sound that criss-crosses
R&B, jazz, funk and rock to create an intricate and intriguing musical

They’re definitely a tight band, but their centerpiece is undoubtedly
vocalist Kim Leachman. Her rich tones suggest India.arie with a light
sprinkling of Chaka Khan. They shine on ballads like “Love is Love”,
where Kim’s voice is seductive and smooth over a tasty bass and
drums. The song is highlighted by the rock-etched guitar riffs that run
through it. That song is followed by gems like the fiery, Latin based
“Falling Flower” and the wistful, folk-ish “Good Ole Days”. Of course,
the band can also get straight-ahead funky as evidenced by tracks
like “You Move Me”.

Daysahead is a band with a sound that’s both contemporary and
timeless. With an air-tight band and a bewitching front woman,
“Turning Point” has a sound that should definitely take this outfit far
in the R&B stakes.

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