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"Soul Symphony": Will Downing
by Craig Chapman
Introducing Will Downing…. Ok, I know you
think I’ve been sippin’ the magic brew while
writing, because Will Downing is a music
industry veteran. True, but he is one of the
most overlooked and under appreciated
R&B/Soul entertainers of this generation.
Question: How many albums/CDs has Will
Downing released? Answer: 12. Yes folks,
Will Downing has a dozen releases to his
credit, so he must be doing something right.

Just released, “Soul Symphony” is Will Downing’s lucky 13th release,
and it’s perhaps one of his finest efforts. His deep, silky smooth voice
is in rare form, as he caresses the microphone with his sensual vocal
styling. If there was ever the perfect “grown folks” album, this is it.

On “Soul Symphony”, the formula is simple: Songs of love + Will’s
soulful crooning = relaxing & romancing. Mr. Downing’s longevity must
be attributed to his ability to present an uncompromised sound,
adjusted subtly over the years to reflect the current musical trends.
“Put Me On” is a nice up tempo groove courting the love of his special
lady, while “Soul Stepping” is a low-key two-step jam that will draw
you to the dance floor.

Will is known for his convincing articulation of the various stages of
love and relationships. This is demonstrated on the slow jams “Crazy
Love”, “What’s It Gonna Be”, “A Promise”, and “Make Time For Love”
(cuts 2-5 on the CD). Caution: Passion guaranteed to breakout.
Paying tribute to Luther Vandross, Will sings an excellent rendition of
“Superstar’, which is quite emotional and conjures up memories of
the fallen crooner.

“Soul Symphony” from Will Downing, is a crafted artistic expression
and the man deserves to finally receive recognition for his talent.

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