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"all Night, all love": wade o. brown
by Craig Chapman
My first exposure to Wade O Brown was a
few years ago while I was watching
television during a trip to Montreal, Canada.
He was on a morning show promoting his
debut CD “Complete”. I was so impressed
with his performance, I spent most of the
day visiting music stores looking for his CD.
Recently, when I learned that Wade was about to release his second
album, and that they were going to promote it in the states, I was on
a mission to obtain a copy.

I’m here to report that Wade O. Brown’s “All Night, All Love” is an
exceptional R&B CD. There’s something for everyone. Dance jams,
mid-tempo grooves, and silky smooth ballads. His deep booming voice
invokes comparison to Jaheim, without all the thuggish lyrics.  

Wade is in his dance groove on “All Night, All Love”, “Shake”, and  
“Where Do You Go For Love”, which was the first single from the
project. For those of us that like that mid-tempo two-step beat
there's “Just Good Friends”, ”Put This On”, “Besides”, and the radio
friendly “So Glad”.

For the lovers in the house, Wade has plenty of songs for those
romantic moments. Just listen to “About Her”,  “How Does It Feel”,
“My All Is You”, along with the new single “Maybe”, and you will feel
the sensual expression of love.

“All Night, All Love”, the new CD from Wade O. Brown. A refreshing
collection of R&B songs; celebrating the diversity of urban music.

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