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"Rizz-Wa-Faire": ralph tresvant
by Michael Heyliger
As the front man for New Edition, the most
influential vocal group of the past twenty-five
years, Ralph Tresvant has more than
established his place in the music industry.
Ralph even stepped out on his own for a
minute in the early Nineties, with two solo
albums and smooth hits like “Sensitivity”. With
NE on a break as they get ready for an
upcoming 25th anniversary tour and album, Ralph has just released
his third solo album entitled “Rizz-Wa-Faire”.

Released independently, this album features songwriting and
production by Tresvant on every cut. It contains his signature boyish
tenor over a mix of hot club jams and harmonic ballads. This collection
definitely proves that Tresvant, now in his late thirties, has not lost a
step with age.

Most of these songs fit right into the pocket of contemporary R&B.
Tracks like “Jungle Club” and “Magic Underwear” (please forgive the
title) are up tempo and aggressive, but Tresvant’s smooth vocals
offset the songs’ fast-paced vibes. These songs (as well as tracks like
“Love Hangover”, which finds Ralph singing as well as rapping) are
fine, but as always, Tresvant fares best when he slows the tempo
down and addresses the ladies.

Now that the man is married with children, his ballads have a more
mature vibe. First single “My Homegirl” is a tribute to his special lady,
and features his signature vocal harmonies and a very sincere
message. “Too Cool” takes it straight into the bedroom with the type
of slow jam that Ralph never did as part of N.E. “Another Shot” has
the album’s most spiritual message. Ralph alludes to the ups and
downs of his career in a much less explicit fashion than he does on
“Sneaky”, the album’s aggressive opener.

Hard to believe that Tresvant is well into his third decade as a
performer. “Rizz Wa Faire” is as polished and soulful an effort as one
would expect from an industry veteran. Ralph’s third solo album is a
solid appetizer to hold you over until N.E. returns again with the main

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