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Verve's Remixed3 / Unmixed3
by Craig Chapman
Just released is Verve’s Remixed/Unmixed
3. For those of you that may not be up to
speed on this series, classic jazz tracks
are given the remix treatment by Dj’s and
production teams from around the world.

Remixed 3 continues in the tradition of
previous editions, providing eclectic
versions of tracks from Nina Simone, Billie
Holiday, Jimmy Smith, Hugh Masekela,
Dinah Washington, and others. From electronica, downtempo
grooves, worldbeats, to house, all genres of dance music are in the

The Sugardaddy Remix of Shirley Horn’s “Come Dance With Me” has
that classic house beat, while Carl Craig’s pulsating beats returns us
back to the motherland on Hugh Masekela’s “The Boy’s Are Doing It”.
Anita O’Day never sounded so hip, as the RSL Remix of “Sing, Sing,
Sing” incorporates a heavy salsa rhythm. Billie Holiday’s “Speak Low”
gets the chilled out treatment from Bent, just right for those late
night lounges
Unmixed 3 is the companion CD, which
houses the original renditions of all the
songs on the Remixed 3 project. Perfect for
the traditionalist, or for those who want to
hear how much creative freedom was
exercised by the various producers.

Verve’s “Remixed 3” & “Unmixed 3”, a
musical journey, back to the future!