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"Oceans": Junior (Giscombe)
by Craig Chapman
Does name look kinda familiar? Remember the
big dance hit “Mama Used To Say” from back in
the 80’s. Well, I’m here to tell you that Junior
is alive and well, “doin’ his thang” across the
pond. I stumbled across this information
recently while listening to from
England. The on-air personality was none
other than Mr. Junior Giscombe. I must admit
it took a few minutes to connect the dots.

It all became very clear when Junior started talking about his new CD,
“Oceans”, then played the title track, a funky dance track that my
ears have been craving. There was no doubt who this guy was.  
Junior has a unique voice and a distinct sound that seems to have
stand the test of time.

After listening to some samples on his website, and a quick online
transaction, I have a copy of “Oceans” for my library. This CD has
been a fantastic find. Junior has put together a cool collection of
diverse dance leaning R&B flavors that will bring your music player to
life.  While “Oceans” is a definitive party starter, your skills on the
floor will be challenged by “U”, “What’s Wrong With Tonight”, and
“This One’s For You”, as each deploys various degrees of Latin
rhythms within the R&B foundation.

Even when Junior slows it down a touch, a smooth spinning steppin'
dance is in order. You’ll enjoy the melodic sounds of “Morning Will
Come”, “Anywhere”, and one of my favorites “Closer”.

“Oceans”, the new CD from Junior. Discover music with no boundaries
from across the pond.

Visit Junior's website at: