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"In My Mind": Heather Headley
by rebecca "Butterfly" vaughns
There's truth in the number three being a
charm, as it is how long we've been
awaiting the return of this soulful, sensual,
know how to deliver a song sister ~
Heather Headley. The Trinidad diva is back
in full force with a new look and a have to
go out and buy sophomore CD entitled "In
My Mind." Heather remains consistent with
the topics of love; “you have to go since you
can't act right”, remember when?”, and “self love”, just to name a
few. She makes the waiting worth it.

Granted, we fell in love with "He Is"… you remember the chorus; "The
mind injector/The Heart protector/The soul defender of anything I
feel." These were lyrics to make any writer say to themself, "I wish I
wrote that!" Then there was "I Wish I Wasn't", and my favorite
"Sunday." On her latest release, Heather gives you versatile beyond
the definition. There is a vibe on "In My Mind" for EVERYBODY!!! Her
fade-outs on the album are quite interesting. You'll have to listen to
see what I mean, and where I'm coming from. It's hard to put in

On track one, the album's title, the acoustic guitar riff is sweet like
brown sugar butter and the drop is right on time. The song "Wait A
Minute," offers up true instrument production and background vocal
arrangement. I'm feeling the eclectic vibe on track four, "I Didn't
Mean", as the chorus reminds me of Annie Lennox of the group
Eurythmics. The club hits, and radio hits are "How Many Ways"
featuring Vybz Kartel and "Rain" featuring Shaggy. I definitely would
like to see a video for these songs. They deliver a flavor that makes
you scream to where the ancestors can hear you saying REWIND.
And finally, my favorite, which will be on repeat in the car and in the
house, is track number eleven "Me Time." This is going to be one of
the many WOMEN'S NATIONAL ATHEM songs for the year 2006. It's all
of that, and grandma's good cooking any day of the week.

If you've been questioning where is Heather Headley, ask no more.
She's at your local record stores anticipating your embrace by ears. I
rate this project 5 stars. Remember, music is something given from
the soul, and Heather Headley provides you with a lot of it on "In My

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Rebecca "Buterfly" Vaughns is an International Spoken Word
Artist, Motivational Speaker and Author residing in Miami, FL.
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