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"In THe Red" - antoine knight
by Craig Chapman
So I reach into my post office box the
other day and I pull out this shipping
envelope that contains the debut solo CD
“In The Red” by saxophonist Antoine
Knight. I’ve never heard of the
gentlemen, but that never stops me from
giving an album a listen because basically
I’m addicted to music.

I get into the ride, pop Antoine’s work  
into the CD player, and hit the road.  “Knight Drive” kicks off the set
with a nice smooth groove that gets the head noddin’. Hmm… we
might have something here. Up next,
“Stay With Me”, yet another cool cut, kinda funky, which gets the foot
tappin’. The title track “In The Red” comes on, with this beat and sexy
blowing that has me grinning and dancing in my seat as I cruise down
the highway. This is no small feat, as I’m definitely not a morning

“Pumpkin &The Praying Mantis” keeps it movin’ with a refreshing
spoken word performance by Myrna Clayton. “Hidden Shame” is an
inspirational song, featuring Ms Clayton on vocals.  “Slow Ya Roll”,
and “October Moon” presents the laid back side of Antoine.

“In The Red” by Antoine Knight is a pleasant listening experience,
that’ll put a smile on your face. Glad I checked my mailbox!

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