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"Deeper StILL": rICK JAMES
By Craig Chapman
August 6th will mark the 3rd year of the
passing of the “King of Funk n Roll”, Rick
James. In passing, as in life, Rick was a
talented, yet controversial artist with a flair for
the dramatic. With that said, Stone City
Records has released “Deeper Still”, new
music from the funkmaster somewhere in the
great beyond.
Obviously, I was skeptical of this project. After all it’s been over 2
years, where is this music coming from. Well, in classic Rick form,
“Deeper Still” is actually a very good album. Probably one of his
better overall efforts… Dang, the man is still dramatic in the afterlife.

The CD takes off with the title track, ”Deeper Still”, a smoothed out,
uptempo funky dance track that gets your head bopping and foot
tapping almost immediately. “Taste”, is straight ahead back beat
funk, with Rick warning us not to ask questions about his life,
because it’s an open secret. He than explains that his lifelong quest
was for “just a taste of love”.  James’ releases some hard driving,
sweat provoking, back-breaking funk on “Stroke”, while dishing some
more inside info on his life. “Not Alone” is a fun funk party jam.
For all us that live for Rick’s mid-tempo sexy offerings, you’ll enjoy
“Secrets” and my pick for airplay somewhere (RHYTHMflow Radio),
“Stop It”. Of course there’s some slow jams that complete any Rick
James album. “Maybe” displays his pop/rock sensitivities, while “Do
You Wanna Play” is the soulful duet everyone will be feelin’. Although
his partner on the song isn’t named, it sounds like Howard Hewitt to

“Deeper Still”, new music from Rick James, live from the funk café
somewhere in heaven… Thanks Rick  
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