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Luvanmusiq: Musiq Soulchild
By Rebecca "Butterfly" Vaughn
The Come Back Is Beautiful! The best early
birthday present a sister could ever receive.
He's come back to our ears and it is just
lovely. Musiq Soulchild released Luvanmusiq
on Tuesday, March 13, 2007. Some know of
the number 4 to be the essence of wisdom
when it comes to the meaning of numbers;
however, it is the length of time in years
that Musiq has been away from us.
Trust, he has made it worth the wait and definitely worth the listen!!!

First off, I knew for a fact that I would be owning a copy to play in my
cd changer after hearing the first single "Buddy."  That is my
sonnnnng!!! It's funky, a true dance track, just nice nice as the island
people say. The lyrics on this project are on point from beginning to
end. The concept throughout is on relationships from the manner of
what two souls in love look like, how it should be, starting one, what
is felt, finding the right one, ups and downs and the ins and outs. I
immediately saw a vision of two Alvin Ailey dancers on stage
performing to track 5 "The Questions." It has a classical,
contemporary expression in melody with an urban twist. On track 8,
"Ridiculous," the likes of Slave, Brick, Iron and One Way came to mind.
Now track number 10.. it's like whoa ~ yes ~ yes!!! The title is "Take
You There." I heard a reflection of Smokey Robinson .. it's that type of
tone. And the guitar riff towards the end.. the brother is
badddddddddddddd and his name fits his skills. His fingertips on
strings is PERFECT,  Benjamin "Benanas" O'neil, his playing is just
that. This is sure to be one I'll press repeat on a few times!!! The final
track, number 12 "Greatest Love," took me back to the days of the
group Switch.

Being a singer, you compose so many songs and you wish you could
release all of them. On "Luvanmusiq," Musiq gives u. bonus tracks.
The cut "Ride Through",  track number 14 is something Mary J. Blige
would easily rock too.. it's her style. And the last bonus track, number
15 "Slow Down" had me remembering the sounds of Motown. The
lyrics speak out on infidelity. His production and instrumentation is
truly that of tight work this time around. From 1 - 12, Bonus Tracks
13-15, you feel his words, embrace the rhythms & beats, and you can
relate to the messages. There is a song on this latest work, by one of
neo-soul's finest, that you can call your own!!! It's been 4 years but I
give Musiq Soulchild  5 + stars on "Luvanmusiq"! Loving it is just what
I'll be doing, and I guarantee that you will do the same thing too!!!
Don't have it burned ~ SUPPORT THE ARTIST!!!

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Rebecca "Butterfly" Vaughns is a Freelance Writer, Int'l Spoken Word
Artist, and Author that resides in Miami, FL. She can be reached at
mindpensoul @