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“Rollin’” is the title for the Braxton Brothers’ new CD
on Peak Records. These young brothers got it going
on, with a hot package of funky, R&B influenced
smooth jazz. Wayne Braxton blows a mean sax,
while brother Nelson does work on the bass and
There’s a whole lot of talent here, as the brothers write all the songs,
along with handling the producing and recording chores. Can anybody
say “total package”.

The first time I listened to the CD, I was hooked, which is very rare.
There’s a special energy that keeps you engaged throughout.  They’re
not afraid to stray from the basic smooth jazz formula.  The uptempo
grooves of “Don’t Stop” opens the album, and the brothers never look
back. “I Want You For Myself”, “Find Your Way”, “Tonight”, and “Rollin”
keep things moving, coming at you from all sort of angles.
Wayne and Nelson bring us down gently with the cruising sounds of
“Anything For You”, “ Best Days”, and “It’s You”.

“Rollin’” by the Braxton Brothers, destined to be an album people will be
talking about all year. For more information and to hear music samples,
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Euge Groove "Livin' Large"
“Livin’ Large” is the title of Euge Groove’s debut CD
for the Narada Jazz label. A veteran session player
and former saxophonist for the legendary horn based
group Tower of Power, Euge’s career should really
jump into high gear once jazz fans give this album a
A smooth cover version of James Taylor's “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely
Tonight” kicks off the set. Next up is a hit waiting to happen, the
simmering springtime groove of the title track “Living Large”. Saxman
Groove delivers some funky head-bopping beats on “XXL”, “Take You
Higher”, and the instrumental take of Sly Stone’s “Thank You For Lettin’
Me Be Myself”, songs perfect to get you ready for a fun night on the
town. When the party’s over, slip in “Too Cool”, “Talk To Me”, and
“Silhouette” to start the late night chill-out.

No reason why you shouldn’t be “Livin’ Large”, with a bit of musical
support from Euge Groove.   Discover more about Euge at his site;