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"Distant Lover": Vesta
by Craig Chapman
Music industry veteran Vesta Williams has
released her debut Shanachie CD, “Distant
Lover”, a collection of some of the greatest
R&B songs of all-time. Many of you will
remember Vesta by her hits
“Congratulations”,  “Once Bitten, Twice Shy”
and “Special” Recently, you might have
heard her as the voice on many commercials
from companies like McDonald’s, Diet Coke, Revlon Cosmetics, and
others. Additionally, she can be heard as a featured vocalist on the
“Café Soul All-Stars” CD released in 2006.

With this project, Vesta has the opportunity to present 10 classic
songs with her distinct vocal style. With the title track, “Distance
Lover”, she is able to provide a refreshing woman’s touch to Marvin
Gaye’s legendary ballad.  Ms Williams also applies a soothing female
point of view to Babyface’s “Whip Appeal”, Smokey’s “Ooh Baby,
Baby”, Stevie’s “Knock Me Off My Feet”, and The Spinner’s “Could It
Be I’m Falling In Love”.

Vesta also does a fine job with Sade’s “No Ordinary Love”, Neicy’s
“Free”, and the classic power duet “With You I’m Born Again”
originally recorded by Syreeta & the late Billy Preston.

With many artists doing remake projects, we tend to become a little
wary, but Vesta has brought a few musical memories back to life with
her silky smooth voice.

“Distant Lover”…. New classic music in the key of Vesta

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