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Teena Marie: The Return Of Blue-Eyed Soul
by Craig Chapman/Editor
It’s been a long wait for this album, but Teena doesn’t disappoint.
Actually this CD is quite interesting. There’s classic Lady T (which
dominates the CD), alongside some contemporary R&B/Hip-Hop
oriented tracks, that are obviously there to ease the younger folks into
her world.

The classic Lady T cuts are the highlights of the project. “Honey Call” is
funky jam that will have you shaking that rump. Rick James joins the
fun on “I Got You”, another jam that will get you bouncing. She jumps
into her jazzy groove on “Hit Me Where I Live”, “Black Rain” and “Baby I’
m Your Fiend”.

The ballads continue to be the area where Teena excels. “My Body’s
Hungry”, “I Love Him Too”, a duet with De De O’Neal, and the steamy,
sweaty hot, “A Rose By Any Other Name” featuring Mr. Gerald Levert.

“La Dona” is vintage rhythm and blues. Music for us grown folk from the
blue-eyed wonder; Teena Marie.

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