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In The Spotlight: Music You Should Know About
by Craig Chapman/Editor
Welcome to “In The Spotlight”, our place to shine the light on deserving
albums and artists. This month we have 4 CDs to share with you. Seek,
Alyson Williams, Sheree Brown, and Tim Dillinger represent a diverse
selection of nu-soul and R&B for your listening pleasure this summer
The nu-soul movement continues to make strides
towards successfully being embraced by the
mainstream market. The current movement
includes the progression back to ensemble
bands, positive lyrics, and stirring live

Seek is one of the bands to watch. Their latest
CD “Journey Into Day” is a collection of mid-
tempo grooves that will get you movin’.
The project has a positive, happy vibe, that’ll have you hitting that
repeat button on your player. They remind me of a smoothed out Brand
New Heavies.

If you feel like doing a little dancing, “Right Here (Remix), “Something
Real”, and the downtempo beats of “Taken” will have you gliding across
the floor. “Open The Way” , “Last Night”, and  “Rise” are the perfect
songs for a leisurely stroll on a nice sunny day, while “Believe Me” and
“Journey Into Day” are perfect for when it’s time to relax..

With a huge following overseas (UK & Japan), it’s time for their country
to join Seek for a “Journey Into Day”!    

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Alyson Williams "It's About Time"
After many years acting and performing live,
Alyson Williams has returned to the recorded
music arena with her new CD “It’s About Time”.  
Yes it is time for Ms Williams return. The R&B
genre continues its resurgence as the talented
veterans get back into the game.

Armed with songs of love, emotion, and
confidence, Alyson weaves her magic.
“Soft & Warm”, and ”Blessed” are about positive love experiences, then
things taken a turn for the worse on “Say Goodbye”, and “No More”, as
the woman puts her foot down in a relationship gone bad. “Tomorrow”
featuring Tony Terry finds our lady friend calling off her wedding the
night before. Talk about drama!

“Strangers” and a soulful makeover of Simply Red’s “Holding Back The
Years” provide the laid back groove, while “Right Through Me” is a
heartfelt declaration of love.

“It’s About Time”, stories of love from Alyson Williams.       
Sheree Brown  "83"
“83” is the title of the latest CD by Sheree
Brown, who we last heard from in the early 80’s
on Capitol Records. She has a organic R&B style,
that comparable to Minnie Ripperton and Phoebe
Snow. Armed with her guitar and poetic lyrics, we
are whisked on a spirit soothing musical journey

You’ll immediately get caught up in Sheree’s flow
as the CD opens with the breezy “I’d Rather Be In Love With You”, It’s A
Pleasure”, and something we all have, the “Grown Folks Blues”. “When
Water Flows” is a superb instrument track that contains a subtle world
music influence.

Sheree wears her heart on her sleeve when she sings “Love Is
Forever”, “Sometimes”, and “I Love You”, earthy ballads, which will get
you emotionally involved.

“83” by Sheree Brown is just what we need to help us make it through
the troubled times of 2004.
Tim Dillinger "Love Is On My Mind"
Tim Dillinger is another of the emerging
independent on the music sence today. “Love Is
On My Mind” was recently released on his Icon’s
Pen Media label out of Nashville. With his roots in
gospel, Tim describes his debut CD as a music
gumbo, embracing a variety of music styles.

“The Day You Held Me”, “Can’t Help But Say”,
“Promise To Stay” and “Just Doesn’t Matter” all have a cool mid-tempo
groove, just right to chill out to on the front porch.  “Dreams (Come
Alive)” is an up-tempo cut with a pop influence, while “Take The Clouds
Away” has a feel good bounce to it. Things slow down and get serious
on the ballad “In Your Arms”

“Love Is On My Mind” is something we can all relate to. New music from
Tim Dillinger, designed for your listening pleasure.