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In The Spotlight: Artists You Should Know About
by Craig Chapman/Editor
Welcome to “In The Spotlight”, our monthly column dedicated to the
discovery of new and underground artists.  Being a confirmed music-
aholic, I use this as my justification to scour record stores, music sites,
flea markets, etc., looking for the perfect beat.

During my adventures this past holiday season, I took to the streets
visiting quite a few “mom & pop” music stores. The independent shops
are always a great place to find music traveling in stealth mode. So I
posed the question, “turn me on to a R&B CD…something that nobody’s
aware of!”
Phyllis at Skippy Whites in Boston Massachusetts
turned me on to Kalvin Bishop. His album “Do
What I Gotta Do” is an excellent collection of
melodic R&B. Released by Mokah Records, this
CD is produced by Keni “Keep Risin’ To The Top”
Burke, who also writes the majority of the songs
with help from Sam Salter (remember him), and
Kalvin. This accounts for that retro, yet
contemporary feeling that’s executed to
“Can’t Be Your Lover” & “Tell Me It’s Alright” are the pop-ish urban radio
oriented uptempo jams that get you bouncing. “Over & Over” is the
hypnotic easy groove track, that after awhile you will find yourself
singing along to. Kalvin’s strength is his interpretation of the ballads.
“Do What I Gotta Do”. “I’ve Been Working Hard All Day”, and the faithful
version of Stevie Wonder’s “You & I” will set that romantic mood.

RHYTHMflow shines the light on “Do What I Gotta Do” by Kalvin Bishop.  
Log onto for more information about this exciting
new artist.
Next stop on our journey, Reflections Emporium
in Springfield, Massachusetts. Owner James
Lewis’ diamond in the rough is Deborah Bond &
3rd Logic’s “Day After” This album fits perfectly
into that neo-soul category for artists that are
“tweeners”. You know, not quite rhythm & blues,
not really jazz, engaging lyrical content, real
instruments, basically all the elements of old
school R&B.
With a sound similar to Nea Davenport and the Brand New Heavies or
Sweetback, Deborah (De-BOR-ah) and the crew treat us to an excursion
through their musical world. They penned all songs on the album, whose
lyrics must have emulated during reflective moments on life’s
experiences and conditions. “See You In My Dreams” is the story of
negotiating the parting of ways with a lover, “Giving Up” is the plea for
inner strength during those trying times we all experience, and the funky
“This Is Me”, expresses the positively of just being true to yourself. Be
sure to listen to “Don’t Waste Your Time” which urges women to cut
loose that man that doesn’t treat you right.

Don’t wait for the “Day After”… Now is the time to pick up Deborah Bond.
Check her out at
On the way home I took a slight detour to
Yellowbird Music Center in Mount Vernon, NY,
where Ms Charmaine recommended “A Woman’s
Love” by Vaneese Thomas. Ahhh, just what I
needed to relax after spending time on all those

I’ve always been a huge fan of the silky smooth
female vocalists; Phyllis Hyman, Jean Carne, Anita Baker, and now Ms.
Vaneese Thomas. Recording on her label, Segue Records, this album is
in the classic jazzy R&B style associated with the aforementioned ladies.
Ms. Thomas’ rocks you gently with the mid-tempo  offerings, “The Magic
Of You”, “No Guarantees”, and ”Talk Me Down”. Kick back as your living
room is transformed into a mellow downtown cabaret as you listen to
“Fortune”, “Til You”, “Dear John”, and a soulful rendition of Clara
Thomas’ “A Woman’s Love”.

“A Woman’s Love” is what we all need, and Vaneese Thomas
generously shares some of hers with us. To learn more about Ms.
Thomas, visit    
Support your local independent music store!
Thanks to the following stores for their music recommendations
Skippy Whites - Cambridge, Ma
Reflections Emporium,- Springfield, Ma
Yellowbird Music Center - Mt Vernon, NY