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In The Spotlight: Music You Should Know About
by Craig Chapman/Publisher
Welcome to “In The Spotlight”, our place to shine the light on
deserving albums and artists. This month we have 4 CDs to share
with you. Parkes Stewart, Carmen Rodgers,  Siji and Ginger Jackson,
represent a diverse selection of nu-soul and R&B for your listening
pleasure.  Join RHYTHMflow, as we "Discover New Music!"
The gentlemen’s name is Parkes Stewart, and his
latest CD release is entitled “Heart & Soul
(Nexus)”. His name might not be familiar, but
you’ve probably listened to his music before.
Parkes penned “Ordinary Just Won’t Do”, and “I
Am Here”, by Commissioned, along with “More
Than A Melody”, and “Open Your Heart” for
Yolanda Adams.
“Heart & Soul” is a collection of songs that Parkes categorizes as
Spiritual Soul/R&B. It’s inspirational lyrics, driven by classic R&B
rhythms. “My Soul” is a mid-tempo tune that reminds us of the late
Sam Cooke. The Motown sound, especially that of Marvin Gaye’s
“What’s Goin’ On”, are prevalent on “Help Us”, and “My Brother”.

“Free” is a rockin’ contemporary gospel jam, while “Personality” is a
R&B track deserving of urban radio airplay. Parkes reaches out and
touches your heart on “Trust Him”, “Song For You”, and “Always”.

When it’s time to relax and reflect on the truly precious things in life,
reach for “Heart & Soul (Nexus)” by Parkes Stewart. Soothing music
that will bring things in focus.                                      
Carmen Rodgers "Free"
“Free” is the solo debut from budding star
Carmen Rodgers. Her music has appeared on the
Hidden Beach “Hidden Hits”, and the “Soul
Sophisticated” compilation CDs. “Free” has been
available in the UK for a minute, and it’s quite
popular overseas. Now it’s time for the states to
catch the rhythm.
Carmen is a talented songwriter, whose musical philosophy is simple;
“I want my music to tell a story, paint a picture that anyone can
relate to”, says Ms Rodgers.  Raised in Dallas, TX, Carmen has toured
with N’Dambi, and hosted open mic sessions where Floetry, Kindred,
and Erkah Badu have appeared.

“Free” is Nu-Soul at it’s best. Thoughtful lyrics, and smooth jazzy
grooves, delivered effortlessly. “Ain’t No Time”, Missing You”, “Free”  
and “Hands of Time”, are just a few of the highlights on this project.

Discover New Music….. “Free” by Ms Carmen Rodgers.
Siji  "God's-Given"
Singer/songwriter Siji (pronounced shee-gee)
will release his “God-given” CD in the states on
November 2nd.  Personally, I wish this CD was
available to the public right now.
Siji’s sound is an energetic blend of R&B and neo-
soul, fused with the afrobeat pioneered by Fela
The set begins with the pulsating sounds of “Sanctuary”, “Watching
You, Watching Me”, and “Running Away”. They will have you moving
in your seat, recalling the danceable rhythms of the UK sound of the
mid 80’s (Junior, Billy Ocean). He unleashes a melodic mid-tempo
groove on “Starting Over” and “I Believe”,

Even while you’re grooving, you sense a certain spirit in the music
that becomes more evident as the rhythms begin to mellow out. Siji
shows his sensitive side on “The Day Ahead” and the earthy “Lover’s
Embrace”. “God-given” and “Glory” bring forth the spiritually in his
soul. “Heal” is the lone instrumental track on the CD, It’s dub-ish,
African beats will gently transport you to a far off land.

His talents and music are “God-given”. Keep an ear out for the
refreshing sound of Siji.
Ginger Jackson  "Ghetto-Bourgeois"
Hailing from Hollywood, California is Ginger
Jackson. Her new CD is entitled “Ghetto-
Bourgeois”. She describes this collection as, “an
exciting collision of Jazz, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Soul
music to bring out the dual nature in all of us”.

Ginger is true to her word, as this project is a
mixture of styles that will keep your attention. “Roc Wit Me” is a hot
party jam with serious commercial potential. “Walking”, and “Free”
have nice beats that compliment Ginger’s poetic lyrics.

With vocal styling similar to Erkah Badu, Ms Jackson is at her best on
“Scorpio Man”, “Silence”, & “Searching”. Ginger displays her eclectic,
jazzy blues side on “Cool Out”, and “Another Side Of Heaven”, which
samples the classic “My Favorite Things”.

“Ghetto-Bourgeois”, could be the start of something big for lil’ Ginger