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"sing (If You Want It)": Omar
By Craig chapman
Introducing Omar, considered by many to be
the Godfather of the British/UK Soul
movement. With an impressive following in
the states, and five albums to his credit, Omar
has released “Sing (If You Want It) on this
side of the ocean.

The sixth album from Omar may just be the
one that thrusts him to the front of the US Indie Soul scene. “Sing” is
an excellent collection of songs, that he wrote, arranged, and
produced. It’s funky, smooth, hip-hopish, worldly, retro, and
progressive. The rhythm and beats linger in your mind long after the
last note has faded from the sound system. Everything real Soul/R&B
music is about.

“Sing (If You Want It)” contains many grooves that will get your body
movin’. “Be A Man” featuring JC Bentley,  “Get It Together” and my
favorite “Ghana Emotion”, all have a subtle international vibe blended
with the very danceable rhythm tracks. Omar calls on his friends,
Stevie Wonder on “Feeling You”, and Angie Stone on the hot club jam
“Stylin’”. “Your Mess” is one of the funkiest jams in a while, taking me
back to the days of Cameo & Slave.

Omar’s music is the model of diversity, in this bland unimaginative
period of time. “Sing”, the title track, sports some nice harmonies,
along with a cool mid-tempo groove. “Lay It Down”, featuring Estelle’
s lyrical break, is the perfect down-tempo mood setter at your local
late night lounge. “I Want It” slows the pace after a long day, while
“All For Me” is the perfect song for some romancing, featuring the
vocal styling of Angie Stone.

“Sing (If You Want)” by Omar is a great way to wrap the musical year
of 2006. If I dare use this project as a barometer for 2007, the future
of Soul/R&B looks bright.

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