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"A Groove so deep": marlon saunders
by Craig Chapman
Introducing Marlon Saunders, a prominent
player on the NY soul music scene. If you’re
into acid jazz, you might know him as the
voice of the group Jazzhole. He’s also
provided backup to such artists as, Bobby
McFerrin, Sting, the late Barry White, Billy
Joel, Michael Jackson, and others.

“A Groove So Deep”: The Live Sessions” is
his new CD on Black Honey Records. This project was recorded live (in
studio) earlier this year. “I wanted to capture some of the special
moments that happen in rehearsals with my band, Mood Control”
states Marlon. “We get to stretch out a bit and the music can be
improvisational, free, jazz, funky… whatever we’re feelin”.

The result is an excellent collection of music that is artist driven,
transporting us back to mid 70’s where R&B groups consisted of self
contained ensembles that would play for hours, sounding better that
the album in your house. “Afro Blue My Mind” kicks off the set with a
funky ass rhythm track that will have you looking in the closet for
those platform shoes that you wore to your first EW&F concert. The
title track “A Groove So Deep” is a contemporary funk jam with a with
a heavy dance beat, primed to turn a club out late one night.

“Inspiration” is a spirited track, that brings us back to the era of the
Blackbyrds, Herbie Hancock, Hubert Laws, Grover Washington, and
Roy Ayers, when jazz fusion was in it’s formative years. “Love’s
Philosophy” is the basic jazz/blues groove that I remember from
those smoke-filled basement jazz clubs, with the dirty shot glasses,
where every drink was straight no-chaser. Marlon also gives us a
extended version of his indie hit “The Beginning Of Never”, which
should have a few people scrambling to pick up his debut CD.

Be sure to check out “Coolin’”, a 10 minute jam session featuring his
band Mood Control, which is the perfect selection to wrap-up this

“A Groove So Deep: The Live Sessions” from Marlon Saunders. Real
music, for real music lovers.

For more information about Marlon visit: