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"Ink From My Heart": M.d. west
by Craig Chapman
I really enjoy turning people on to new
music, so I’m proud to introduce you to
singer/songwriter M.D. West and his
debut CD “Ink From My Heart”. This
Detroit t native has put together a special
collection of music for your listening

M.D.’s sound is pure R&B, containing
heartfelt inspirational lyrics. His voice is
silky smooth, deserving of national
attention.  “The Idea”, “No Matter What”,
and the bouncy “Supafine” are just right
for radio airplay.
We get to experience the sensitive side of M.D. West on the acoustic
guitar driven ballad “Rain” and  “My Prayer”. He salutes the women in
our lives on the touching “Happy Mother’s Day’, while expressing the
inner thoughts of many men via “Father2U”.

“Ink From My Heart”…. Enjoy the positive songs of life & love from
M.D. West.

For more information about M.D. visit: