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"Lyfe 268-192": The Real Story
by Craig Chapman
The Neo-Soul movement has a new player
in the game. His name is Lyfe Jennings, the
former 5-time champ of Showtime at the
Apollo Theater. I’ve been reading and
hearing about this young man for quite
some time leading up to the release of his
debut CD entitled Lyfe 268-192.

Finally, I got my hands on a copy and put it  
in the computer (I do most of my listening will working on the ‘puter
or while driving). I wasn’t sure what Lyfe was going to sound like (I
think I was expecting a form of hip-hop), but I was curious, so that
advanced marketing must’ve worked.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear a new R&B crooner. He reminded
me of Jahiem (thuggish approach to R&B) and Anthony Hamilton
(Deep emotional voice, with the down yonder sound). “Lyfe 268-192”
songs are written by Jennings, obviously based on previous
experiences. He introduces each track, which keeps the listener
focused on the storyline of the CD. “Must Be Nice” and “The Way I
Feel About You”, are the happy odes of having the right person in
your life.

The story, as in life, begins to take turns. “She Got Kids”,
“Hypothetically” and “Greedy” bring up some serious issues that must
be considered in any relationship, while “I Can’t” and “Smile” attempt
to push these issues to the background.  “Stick Up Kid” changes the
story drastically and will definitely catch you off guard.

To find out the rest of  the story, I recommend that you pick up “Lyfe
268-192”, as sung by newcomer Lyfe Jennings. The future of R&B is