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"Outrun The Sky": Lalah hathaway
by Craig Chapman
Finally, Finally, Finally!!! It’s taken 10 years,
but the new CD from Lalah Hathaway is
now available. The daughter of the late
Donny Hathaway, and classically trained
vocalist Eulaulah, Lalah adds to the family’s
legacy with “Outrun The Sky”

Although the journey to Ms Hathaway’s
third solo CD has been long, she has
managed to stay active via guest appearances on the albums of
Grover Washington, Wayman Tisdale, Marcus Miller, Meshell
Ndegeocello, and many others. In fact, her collaboration with Joe
Sample on “The Song Lives On” is brilliant, and should be a fixture
in everybody’s music collection.

“Forever, For Always, For Love, is Lalah’s tribute to Luther
Vandross, which can be heard on the Smooth Jazz Luther Tribute
CD, and is the first single from “Outrun The Sky”.  “If U Ever” is an
admission of mistakes and the offer to make amends to a loved
one, while “Admit It” is a song that comes to terms with the
“disconnect” in her love relationship. Throughout, Ms Hathaway
demonstrates her ability to touch your soul, as she leads us
through a collection of songs inspired by love and life.  

Feel Lalah’s positive spirit on “Your Favorite Song”, the title track,
“Outrun The Sky”, and my personal fav, “Better & Better”. Life isn’t
without bumps in the road, especially when love is involved, as
revealed on “We Were 2”. Lalah previewed this song over the
summer at a performance in NYC, and had the audience singing
along in perfect harmony by song’s end. I urge you to attend one of
Ms. Hathaway’s shows in the future. I’ve seen her three times in
the past two years, and her talent, stage presence, and rapport
with the audience is amazing.

Discover New Music… Join Lalah Hathaway as she tries to “Outrun
The Sky”! It’s a journey you will remember for quite some time.

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