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"Embrace Me": Liv warfield
By Craig chapman
As the year winds down, I wanted to take a
moment to share with you one of the best CDs
that I’ve heard in 2006. The artist is Liv Warfield,
and the name of her debut release is “Embrace
Me”. She’s a very talented young lady hailing from
Portland, Oregon.

I received “Embrace Me’ in the mail one day.
I opened the package and read the bio. Okay, I must admit to being
skeptical, after all this is from Oregon and I’m trying to figure out if I
even know anybody from Portland, and soulful folks at that…..  The
packaging of the project was sharp (you what they say about first
impressions), so I decided give it a listen during a 2 ½ hour drive to a
business meeting…. The verdict???? Liv Warfield can SANG! Its R&B
music at it’s best; soulful, sensual, funky, and raw. I don’t know what’
s going on out in the mid-west, but I think we’re missing out on

The CD opens to the funky a@* bass line of “ABC” featuring Bernard
“Pretty” Purdie., setting a hot vibe that can be felt throughout the
project. Most of the songs on the project revolve around the various
phases of love. The title track “Embrace Me”, “Work For Me”,
“Waiting”, and the funky “Sophisticated Sista” all have a mid-tempo
band driven soul sound that captivates you.

Liv and The Warfield Project are equally comfortable doing slower
material, as demonstrated on  “Feeling Lonely”, “Time”, and “I
Decided”. We also get a real sense of Ms. Warfield’s live performance
on the last song on the CD, “Brotha Man”, an ode to her lover.

Discover soulful music from the heartland. Liv Warfield’s “Embrace
Me” is the perfect introduction.

Visit Liv at: or