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"coming home": lionel richie
By Craig chapman
His name is Lionel Richie, and he is arguably
one of the most prolific writers of our
generation. We know him from The
Commodores, Kenny Rogers owes him for
lining his bank account with a series number
#1 hits, and Lionel’s solo recording career
takes a backseat to very few of his
As with most R&B/Pop entertainers of the 70s-80s era, Mr. Richie has
been throw on the scrap heap, isolated by radio and recording
executives like he had the new era plague. Actually, Lionel has been
recording and releasing albums over the years, some of them quite
good, most of them ignored by the general public blinded by the
blizzard commonly known as hip-hop.

“Comin’Home” is the new CD from this living legend. Lionel visits the L.
A Reid Make-Over studio, which returns the shine to this superstar.
Using the same therapy that rescued Mariah from intensive care,
“Coming Home” has the classic Richie sound dressed in contemporary

The first three songs on the album set the tone for the project. The
head-bopping “I Call It Love” written by Mikkel S. Ericksen, “Sweet
Vacation” composed with Raphael Saadig, and “Why”, co-written with
Chuckii Brooker. All hit songs that deserve play on a radio station
near you.

For those of us that appreciate the funkier side of Lionel’s music,
there’s the Caribbean infused sounds of “All Around The World”, and
the straight-ahead Reggae riddims of “Stand Down”..

As we all realize, Lionel is the master of the love song, and once
again he delivers a few songs that seems to touch the heart. You’ll
enjoy  “I’m Coming Home”, “Out Of My Head”, “What You Are” co-
written by Jermaine Dupri and friends, and the ballad “I Love You”.

“Coming Home” by Lionel Richie, his best work in years. I’m glad he
made the journey back to where he belongs……..

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