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Jason Miles: Miles To Miles
by Craig Chapman
“Miles To Miles”, is the
latest CD from Jason Miles.
This project is a tribute to
the legendary trumpeter
Miles Davis, who Jason, as
many other fine musicians,
had the pleasure to work
with during his career.

Who is Jason Miles you may
ask? Well he is a keyboard player, producer, arranger, synthesizer
programmer, and teacher who has worked with such artists as David
Sanborn, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, and Marcus Miller.

“Miles To Miles” is a funky jazz CD that captures the creative essence
of Miles, utilizing his signature muted trumpet sound and his cutting
edge approach to music. Joining Jason on the project are standout
players Gerald Albright, Marc Antoine, Michael Becker, Keiko Matsui,
and Nicholas Payton, to drop a few names. The resulting collaboration
is entertaining collection of styles and rhythms that take you on an
interesting musical journey.

“Ferrari” speeds out the box with some hard driving funky jazz-
fusion, and “King Of Bling” keeps up the momentum a la Miles in his
contemporary electric years. Jason shifts gears slightly on “Bikini” and
“Love Code”, which have a touch of world rhythms, with the latter
sporting background vocals straight out of an imported “chill”
collection. Speaking of down-tempo lounge tunes, be sure to check
out the swirling sounds of “Suba”.  There’s also “Flamenco Sketches”,
when you need a moment to relax and regroup, which emulates Miles
Davis' reflective style on the classic “Sketches Of Spain”.

The premise of “Miles To Miles” is sound, and well executed. Jason
was able to capture Miles’ brilliant and eclectic talent that made him a
legend. If you’re looking for some jazz, and we’re not talking about
that watered down stuff, this CD is for you.

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