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"20 yo": Janet Jackson
by rebecca "Butterfly" vaughns
My day was long but I was determined to be
in the numbers ~ being an artist myself, I
So, after being up from 5:30 am and on
location for the taping of a commercial from
7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. then off to another
casting, I still needed to make sure I had the
new album by the fabulous at 40 sister.......
JANET JACKSON titled 20 Y.O or 20 Years Old ~ released September
26, 2006. The celebration of her career in the industry of music. A fan
since the days of "Good Times," I wanted two copies ~ one for the
house and one to bump and ride out to in the car. There were three
designs to choose from. I'm loving the one with the white background
where she's holding on to the zero. The other one I picked, it's blue
in background with a silhouette image of Janet.

Her production team is awesome. There's so much to the saying of,
"If the boats not broke, don't fix it." Mr. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis
along with the man that has her on cloud infinity, Mr. Jermaine Dupri,
Janet comes full circle as this compilation of material takes you back
to "Control" and a few of her other famous tracks released from
albums that followed. She opens with fire and ends with just the
same tone. The tracks are just sick(translation ~ tight and off the
chain). I'm feeling the samples and there's a sense of eerie as she
sounds like her brother Michael Jackson on a couple of songs ~
specifically tracks number 4 and number 8.

The title cut "So Excited" featuring Khia starts your ear pleasure ride
blended in with the sounds of legendary producer extraordinaire
Herbie Hancock's "Rock It." The ultimate breakdancing song "Looking
For The Perfect Beat" is sampled on "Get It Out Me." I visualize a
video and predict a remix in the future featuring Sean Paul on the
eclectic, funky island feel song "Do It 2 Me." On track number 6 "This
Body", Janet gives you sexy and the guitar riffs allow for you to get
lost inside every stroke of the players fingertips on the string. You
experience smooth when listening to "With U." This is a serious
dedication song and another visual of a video. I reminisce back to
"Escapade" when I hear "Daybreak." Please forgive me but creativity
is always awake ~ this is another video vibe. On the track "Take
Care," some Janet fans will think "24 Play." She gives you sultry and
sensual. And of course, my favorite of the 16 tracks to include intro,
interludes and outro is "Love 2 Love." I cannot begin to explain what
this song does to me. On this latest project, the melody, the
arrangement, the instrumentation and the lyrics exude time and
determination put forth to leave a lasting impression.

Janet says in the beginning of "20 Y.O." that on this album she
wanted to have fun and that she did. After giving us songs on social
issues that include abuse, women, politics and AIDS, Janet desired
different. This go round you will hear the sound of living ~ being
happy, being in love, being free, being confident and feeling whole.
Yes, time flies accompanied by ying and yang, trials and tribulations,
ups and downs, understanding and misunderstanding but the reward
is growth with the ingredients of maturity. Janet, thank you for 20
years of YOU and music to cherish for a lifetime.

Visit Janet's website at:

09.28.06 ~ Rebecca "Butterfly" Vaughns is a freelance writer
and full-time spoken word artist residing in Miami, FL. She can
be reached at mindpensoul @