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"Divorcing Neo 2 Marry Soul": Jaguar Wright
by Craig Chapman
Jaguar Wright has finally released her
sophomore CD, “Divorcing Neo 2 Marry
Soul”. The Philadelphia soul singer doesn’t
disappoint on this outing, as she returns to
the R&B basics. “Whether or not people
know it, neo-soul is dead” states the
straightforward Jaguar. “Think about radio
over the past 2 ½ years, you don’t hear
that much soul music…. You’re not getting  
ten great soul albums a year.. You’re barely getting four”.

With a commitment to create her own brand of soul music, Jaguar
signed with independent label Artemis Records, although her first
effort “Denials, Delusions, and Decisions," was released on
MCA/Geffen Records. Recently, many R&B/Soul singers have moved to
indie labels for a variety of reasons. “Don’t get me wrong, I would
love to be on a major (label)”, Ms Wright reveals, “but not if they’re
going to dictate my work... not if they’re going to dictate my person...
not if they’re going to compromise my soul!”

With complete creative control, Jaguar crafts a trailblazing sound
showcasing thought provoking lyrics based on her life experiences,
relationships, and observations. The first single and video is “Free”,
the story of love on the rocks, and the decision to let her inattentive
partner go free. “Let Me Be The One” is a cool mid-tempo song that is
a hip declaration of love.

Ms Wright is not one to hold her tongue when she feels issues must
be addressed. On “Told Ya”, she scolds her girlfriend for not heeding
advice about a man that treats her badly. There’s also “Been There
Before”, the realization that her relationship has reoccurring
problems, but she just can’t let go, and “One More Drink”, the
confession that she’s just looking for someone to sponsor her night
out at the club. Jaguar sings about the truth. The things we all think
about, but are scared to talk about in public.

She also does a remake of the soul classic by Shirley Brown “Woman
To Woman”. “It was a great story,” explains Jaguar, “you don’t hear
that song on the radio much anymore… why should that story fade.
We’re storytellers, it’s our job to keep the stories alive… and pass
them on!”

“Divorcing Neo 2 Marry Soul” by Jaguar Wright is the all about
keeping soul music alive. It’s a delightful return to our legacy of
musical storytelling. Be sure you add it to your collection.

Listen Now: Jaguar Wright's audio interview on "Emerging RHYTHMS"
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