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"While You Wait....": H2o Productions
By Craig Chapman
Life is full of ups and downs and many
situations that delay your progress. With that
in mind, H2O Productions presents “While You
Wait …The Compilation”. This new CD is the
brainchild of Philadelphia based husband and
wife team, Mark & Nicole Hamilton.
According to the Hamiltons, the premise for
this project is to provide the listener with
R&B/soul music that can be enjoyed, “While U Wait...for the bus, the
train, or ur ride...While U Wait...for ur promotion or ur BIG BREAK...
While U Wait for there to be something on the radio that moves you...
listen to this...While U Wait...”

After one listen, you will keep “While You Wait’ readily available to slip
into your CD player. Mark and Nicole write and produce all ten songs
on the album, and have assembled an excellent group of singers from
the nu-soul scene to interpret their lyric.

“4 The Love”, performed by Abby Dobson, is a mid-tempo song about
following one’s passion, which won the 2004 Heinekin Music
Initiative/ASCAP Foundation R&B Grant. “Love Like This  (So Good It
Hurts) performed by Wynter Gaton, and “Nevermind” featuring Ebony,
rock you gently with different lyrical and rhythmic approaches.

Eric Roberson lends his distinctive voice and style to “I Dare You To
Stay”, while CHINAHBLAC does work on “Bae-Be”.  Peter Hadar
delivers a fine up-tempo performance of the radio ready “Need

For the lovers of slow jams, Mark and Nicole offer “Let This Go” (Ne2),
“Over & Over” (Tanya And Stanley M Cooke), and “Can’t Let Go”
(Ebony) for your musical pleasure.

“While You Wait.. The Compilation” from Mark & Nicole Hamilton aka
H2O Productions, is one of best collections of nu-soul/R&B released
so far this year. So the next time you have some time to wait, let the
Hamiltons supply the music….

Music samples available at: