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"change It all": Goapele
by Rebecca "Butterfly" Vaughns
It seems just like yesterday that Floyd
Boykin, Jr. of St. Louis, MO turned me on to
the sounds of a soulful spirit ~ Goapele. It
was 2002. I was already three years into
the vibe of "Even Closer" that eventually
caught the attention of ears in 2005. She's
the female voice in music that is the
reflection of Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield
whose lyrics were way before their time.
She delivers love, social and political content with taste and reality.

In her sophomore release titled "Change It All", she accomplishes
what is rare lately in the music industry... One being able to listen to
every track without skipping around to what's playing on the radio or
particular favorites. Goapele takes many risks on this latest
production covering various beats and rhythms that exude r&b,
hip-hop, pop, rock and funk. Trust me when I tell you, the intro and
the first three songs will have you pressing rewind very often.

I was captured the instant I heard the intro track and the ambience
of voices talking about the ills of society. Then the first song which is
the album title "Change It All" took me away. The melody and lyrics
intertwine beyond the definition of chemistry. And she sings with
passion as this song is filled with truths. I'm loving the bass that
escapes through the speakers on the track "First Love." Then song
number four "Love Me Right" puts me in the mind of Pat Benatar,
Adam Ant, and Cyndi Lauper with it's pop ~ rock ~ funk vibe. It has
somewhat of a school pep rally feel to it ~ a hype song.

Being a music lover and a poet, I listen for heart, soul and thought
when it comes to the lines the singer is singing. Goapele in no kind of
way leaves you out in the cold. While some artists may have to grow
on you, she steals you innocently bringing you into her world the first
time you hear her belt out a tune. The sister is bad. She replaced
Mary J. Blige whose latest cd The Breakthrough has been in my car cd
changer since December 2005 until Sunday, January 22, 2006. And
her track "You" featuring Dwele is sweet like hot maple syrup on
homemade buttermilk biscuits.

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Rebecca "Buterfly" Vaughns is an International Spoken Word
Artist, Motivational Speaker and Author residing in Miami, FL.
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